Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Paid Search is Smart + PPC Strategy is Smarter.


PPC AdWords Marketing = Visibility, Traffic, & Leads

A successful, Pay-Per-Click strategy is based on a correct setup of your account, and management of the competitive landscape. We can target your potential clients, with your specific message, and send them to specific landing pages on your website, to convert them into new leads and sales.

Google AdWords

Get your ad seen on Google, YouTube, & 1000’s of other sites!

Re-marketing Ads

Target users with your ad, if they visit your site, or trigger a key action.


The Role Of PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising fills an important role in your digital marketing coverage.
PPC strategy is, typically, integrated with “SEO and SEM” strategy.
(PPC is most effective when “applied as a system”.)


Profitable Pay-Per-Click Requires Creativity & Math

We provide marketing services to startups and small businesses looking for a partner for their digital media. We work with you, not for you.

Google Ads/ AdWords Platform

The Google Ads Platform “AdWords” is an online advertising marketplace, where you can “pay to post” your advertisement-message, instantly, across Google [Search Engine Result Pages “SERPs”], when a user enters their keyword search; or via the network of content websites that display ads.

The AdWords PPC Bidding system allows us to display your brand’s message, advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or video content with control and scale. Your advertisement/message can be targeted (via user keyword, geographic area, remarketing, or other variables)

YouTube Pre-Roll Video Ads

The YouTube “In-Stream” videos ads are “Pre-Roll” ads, shown at the start of video content. These In-Stream ads are one of the more common business use when advertising on YouTube. Especially when targeted properly, studies show, people don’t mind watching these ‘In-stream ads’.

More interestingly, we can dynamically target who sees your video ad, and when they see. We can do this by targeting or triggering against the previous Google search history, or visiting of your website.

Social Ads, Promoted & Boosted

Social ads are new channels to quickly and effectively “connect with your target audience”, to gain visibility and results. Social Ads can be an incredibly profitable and versatile sources of advertising, to build your campaign business goals (for branding, engagement, influence, and leads), at relatively low costs.

We can trigger your social ad across your existing audience, or via selected keywords, hashtags, influencer profiles, other brands, or other ad targeting and triggers.

Re-Marketing & Re-Targeted Ads

Remarketing (or Re-Targeting) is a way to display your ad-message, with people who previously interacted with your key-pages in your website (or your mobile app). It allows your brand to strategically position “text or image ads”, in front of target users as they browse other websites (such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, or other content websites).

Since these users have previously visited your website, we can target our message, increase your brand awareness, and remind those users to take an action.

Do You Want to Get Leads?

We manage your AdWords account for PPC paid search, to increase your visibility, traffic, and paid sales-leads. Let's meet, review and discuss!